Testimonials from Authors/Speakers

I go back a long, long way with Speaking of Books, working first with Jan and now her daughter Ellie. There is a great tradition of putting authors like me into schools. It’s about children, teachers, books, authors, making sure everything clicks. It’s no easy matter to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the outcome but that’s where the long tradition comes in: all the potential snags and pitfalls have been foreseen.

Speaking of Books has become a cornerstone of my professional life supporting my work as a writer and writing or reading consultant. They are what has enabled me to make the connection with teachers and schools and I can’t think of anything I’ve done that is more important than that. So I owe them huge thanks for that.

Michael Rosen

Most authors are besieged with questions and paperwork about every event they do. What, where, when, for how long and for how much? Just sorting out the travel can drive you wild.

Ellie takes all of that off everyone’s shoulders. She knows her speakers’ strengths – and, even more importantly, their weaknesses. She helps schools and conference organisers get the right person for the job. So we authors get to do the things we’re good at without hours of wasted time, and whoever is running the event can be confident that it will go as well as possible. I couldn’t manage without her. I wouldn’t want to try.

Anne Fine

I’ve been working with Speaking of Books since the business began 25 years ago, and in that time they’ve organised hundreds of school visits for me. They’re always highly efficient and well organised at every stage off the process, saving both schools and authors enormous amounts of time and effort. I can’t think of a better organisation to work with – and they deserve an award for helping so many children to meet authors, and vice versa. They really have been a major force for good in reading and children’s books. Here’s to the next 25 years – and beyond!

Tony Bradman

Speaking of Books make everything easy! From initial enquiries to ensuring the visit runs smoothly on the day, Ellie’s approach is always friendly and efficient. She looks after her authors and ensures each talk is perfectly tailored to its audience. She thinks of everything, taking all the anxiety out of organising such special events.

Lucy Strange

I have found working with Ellie to be a rewarding endeavour. Her decades of high-end experience, professionalism, and passion for our work together are unmatched and make her one of the best in the business, in my opinion. Ellie goes the extra mile for her clients and the empathy in which she conducts herself shines through in all aspects of her work.

She is exactly the type of person that I like to work with and is somebody I envisage working with for a very long time. “Oh your agent is lovely,” is a common statement made to me when I attend a booking that Ellie has arranged. She is a true credit to the industry.

Zohab Zee Khan

Sometimes in life you really click with someone as they share your passion, energy and match your vision. Ellie is so warm and approachable, has years of experience and feels like a safe pair of hands. She always pays attention to detail, is totally unflappable and really listens to her clients and her authors to make sure you get the very best match for your event. She always goes the extra mile with a smile and has worked with the very best in the business. I just love working with Ellie from Speaking of Books and can’t praise her highly enough.

Sue Atkins

The good people at Speaking of Books put their huge experience into making author events go without a hitch. Any author who has had the experience of turning up for a visit only to find some essential aspect has not been attended to, will know how unsettling this can be for the author, and disappointing for the audience. In all the time Speaking of Books have represented me, I’m happy to say that their efficient planning, attention to detail and liaison between visitor and host has always led to a successful event for me – and feedback from organisers invariably confirms this.

Nick Butterworth

I have been working with Speaking of Books for about twenty years and I can only say that they are brilliant, utterly professional, very well organised and above all support and protect their authors from the slings and arrows of outrageous demands. They handle everything (except packing your case) from home to work and back plus all the fiddly bits in-between like negotiating with festivals, schools, hotels, etc. I used to handle my own bookings myself so I know exactly how brilliant they are.

Jeremy Strong

SOB is a family business that we have enjoyed working with for nearly twenty years. Their professionalism and experience allows for a smooth running day. This means the authors can enjoy their events and give their maximum whilst schools can rely on a perfectly arranged visit.

Knife & Packer

I have found working with Speaking of Books an absolute pleasure. They have been organising school visits for me over many, many years and I can’t remember there ever being a hitch. I’m sure there have been some but Speaking of Books have dealt with everything so efficiently, it all seems to run beautifully smoothly from my side of the partnership. Schools booked, timetable and travel organised – even school lunches sorted – and all I have to do is turn up on the day!

Chris Wormell

I have been working with Ellie for many great, fruitful years. She’s friendly, and fantastic at finding schools the right author. Understanding the pressures on educational establishments only too well, she always negotiates sensitively to frame a perfect visit for everyone. And she looks after her authors, too. It’s why I’ve stayed with her so long.

Cliff McNish

SOB welcomed me within their family of incredible authors five years ago. They know exactly how to connect the right people and absorb all logistics to make creative learning experiences a reality for young audiences. Ellie is a friendly and entirely unflappable agent and it is a real privilege to work with someone who is so dedicated and open to ideas. It is clear from each and every booking, that Ellie’s expertise ensures a roaring success for everyone involved.

Rosie Hudson